La Boda de Mis Sueños

Imagine that you are getting married - it is your job to plan the wedding of your dreams in the Spanish tradition. Follow these easy steps to create your matrimonial masterpiece!

Paso 1

Visit the following websites to get an idea of what Spanish weddings are like:

Paso 2

Determine the following items for your wedding. Make sure to take notes on the cost of the items because you will be itemizing your budget later. You may use any website in order to find this information. Remember you are not limited by price or feasibility - just your imagination!

This website is an excellent source of information and links to other sites for all of the following items:

Paso 3

Once you have your basic information gathered, your task is to create an invitation for your wedding ceremony.  It should be written in Spanish and include the following information:

As a supplement to your invitation, you must also include details of the menu, the cake, and the wine/drink list. You may include pictures of the wedding attire, etc, on this page.
Finally, you should write an 8-10 sentence paragraph describing the event. You should use present tense and you should not use a translation site!  Print the invitation on one sheet and the menu/paragraph on a second page. No more than 2 pages per pair!

Paso 4

Grading: You must include a reference to (whether as a picture, in the invitation, or in the paragraph) to each of the bulleted points under Step 2. Each of these bullets is worth 2 points for a total of 14 points.

The paragraph will be worth 21 points total. Grammatical mistakes will result in loss of points. For every misspelling or missed accent, you will lose a half point. For incorrect verb forms, incorrect vocabulary or incorrect word order, you will lose 1 point.

The total value of this mini webquest is 35 points. Let's get marking period 6 off to a great start!

Useful Vocabulary
also, p. 96


 la boda

the suit    

el traje

the groom     

el novio

to invite    


the bride   

la novia

to celebrate    


the reception   

la recepción

the wine    

el vino

the wedding dress   

el vestido de boda

the cake    

el pastel

the ring   

el anillo

the main course    

el plato principal

the dessert    

el postre

the appetizers    

los aperitivos