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Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, chalupas, enchiladas, nachos - you've heard of these before! But, have you ever heard of paella, arroz con pollo, tamales, or churros?  This webquest will introduce you to different types of food con un sabor latino (a Latin flavor).

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Currency Converter
Evaluation Conclusion



Individually, you will be completing an informational sheet based on information you find on the web.  On the resources page, I have provided you with a list of great sites that you can use to find this information.

As a group, you will be responsible for creating 2 things. You will create a menu from your imaginary restaurant with 10 different items on it. You will also prepare an authentic recipe that you will share with the class during our fiesta on Wednesday, February 25, 2009. Be sure to check out the evaluation page so you know exactly what I expect to see on your menu.




1.  Use the first set of links to complete your individual activity sheet.  Do this before you begin the group work!
2.  As a group, scan through the same set of links to find a country you can all agree upon.  Clear this country with me first so that we have different countries represented.
3.  Browse through the recipe links of your country to look for common ingredients and types of dishes.
4.  Brainstorm a name for your imaginary restaurant.  Try to use a Spanish name, if possible!
5.  Design a menu that consists of 10 different items that you would find in a restaurant typical of your chosen country. 
6.  Your menu should look like a typical restaurant menu, which means that it should include at least 5 pictures and each item should have a price (use the currency converter in the resource section to create prices in the currency of your country!). You should also write a short description of each item. Refer to the evaluation page for details on how you will be graded.  You may use a computer program (ie Word or Publisher) to do this or you can use construction paper and pictures.
7.  Choose a recipe to prepare and bring it to our fiesta on Wednesday, February 25. Please print an extra copy of your recipe for me!



Start your search for the activity sheet answers with these links:

What to Eat and Drink in España:

An Overview of Mexican Cuisine:

Eating the Argentinean Way:

Food and Drink in Costa Rica:

Venezuelan Food:

The Tropical Food of Cuba:

Puerto Rican Food:

Peruvian Food:

Typical Chilean Food:


Recipe Sites

Spanish Recipes:

Mexican Recipes:

Argentinean Recipes:

Costa Rican Recipes:

Venezuelan Recipes:

Cuban Recipes:

Puerto Rican Recipes:
(extensive list!)

Peruvian Recipes:

Chilean Recipes:,1-0,chilean_food,FF.html


Sample Menus
 Use these only as a guide!

Ceiba Restaurant (DC) -

Bogota Latin Bistro (NYC) -

Tierra Latina (Elmwood, NJ) -

Latin Quarter (Disney World) -

Calle Ocho (NYC) this restaurant is amazing! -


Currency Converter

Click on the peseta to go to a page that will convert US Dollars into the currency of your country so that you can put accurate prices on your menus.



Click here to view the evaluation rubric for this project.  You received the same handout in class, but you can print another one from here. It will open in Microsoft Word.

The project is worth a total of 65 points. Your individual activity sheet is worth 20 points, your group menu is worth 30 points, and your completion of the recipe is worth 15 points.



After creating your own fictional restaurant and menu, I hope that you realize there is more to Latin food than tacos and chimichangas! Hispanic people eat a wide variety of foods that is largely determined by the resources available to them. Through our fiesta, we can enjoy food from around the world that truly has un sabor latino!!


This webquest created by Miss Kimberly Tohill
Spanish Teacher
Blue Mountain High School

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