Conference Presentations

Below are links to conference presentations that I have done:

Online Teacher Communities - PETE&C 2016

Flip Phones or FaceTime: What Students Use - PETE&C 2015 

Organize Your Classroom With Digital Tools - PETE&C 2014

Creating Augmented Reality Experiences for the K-12 Classroom - SITE 2013

Who's Alice? Journey into the Rabbit Hole to Learn More About Open Content in K-12 - SITE 2013

Using Digital Tools to Support Intercultural Competence in World Language Teacher Certification Candidates - AACTE 2013

Beyond Big Binders: e-Portfolios in a Web 2.0 World - PETE&C 2013

Mobile Language Learning: To Infinitive and Beyond! - PETE&C 2013

Podcasting 101: Facilitating Second Language Learning - ISTE 2012

Open Your Classroom with Open Source Software - PETE&C 2012

Top 10 Technology Tools for Teaching and Learning - GlobalTIME 2012

Podcasting as a Learning Tool in Second Language Classrooms - SITE 2008

Technology as a Facilitator of Second Language Acquisition - SITE 2007

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