If our world were made up of a group of people that all shared the same history, beliefs, ancestors, language, and customs, we would get bored rather quickly.  We would have nothing to investigate or share with one another because our lives would all be shaped by the same experiences. This project deals with diversity - what makes us all different - and making connections between your world and someone else's.  The purpose of this project is to get you to think about what it might be like/might have been like to walk in another person's shoes and to recognize and respect the various cultures that make up the Spanish-speaking world.  Through this project, you will be researching a time and place that is completely removed from where you are.  It is your job to put yourself in the shoes of someone living in that time.  You will be synthesizing all of the facts you find into an essay with an added personal touch.  You will also be giving a short oral presentation (in English) to the class.  The following box will guide you through the task at hand.  Use these links to navigate the pages of this webquest.

    This project will be evaluated according to the rubric found on the evaluation page of the webquest.


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