The Process


1. Choose a topic from the resource page or think of your own idea (subject to my approval). You are limited to Spanish-speaking countries (including the United States).

2.  Research your topic.  You should use, but are not limited to, some of the links on the resource page.  You must use at least 2 different sources. (One will be the internet, the other should be a book, newspaper article, magazine article, journal article, etc.)

3.  Write a 2-3 page essay describing your topic; this should include a paragraph on how your life would be different from or the same as it is now.  You should write the essay assuming that the person reading it knows nothing about the topic.  DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. This means you cannot copy someone else's ideas or words without using the proper citation.  I will be checking your sources.  Plagiarism is a serious issue - anyone caught plagiarizing will receive an automatic 0 for the assignment.  In addition, you will be subject to school disciplinary regulations governing plagiarism.

The essay should be typed in 12 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced and should have 1" margins on all sides.

4.  Create a bibliography page with proper MLA style citations.  We will go over how to do this in class. You can use this document as a guide. You may also use the following website as a guide:

5.  Using your essay as a guide, formulate a 2-4 minute oral presentation designed to brief your classmates on the topic you chose.  You may use note cards or power point.  If you choose to use power point, please notify me so that I can arrange to have the projector in class.

6.  Design a visual aid for use in your presentation.  This may be as simple as one picture; you may also choose to create a poster or create a handout for each student. The choice is yours but you must have some type of supplementary visual aid.



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