This page is designed to guide your research.  Here you will find suggestions on topics you may choose to research as well as links to websites with further information on those topics.  You may choose a topic that is not on the list, but you must OK it with me before you begin to research it.  No more than two (2) students may choose the same topic.

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Mexico City Earthquake
MSN Encarta -
   A video clip of the earthquake's devastation

Seismo-Watch -
General info about the earthquake; a good basic resource

The World Bank Group -
 Financial aspects of the earthquake.

SpiNet -
The geological logistics of the quake; click on the link in this page called "earthquake basics" for more general info.

Partido Revolucionario Institucional
    The bare bones of the PRI

Country Studies -
    A little bit of PRI history

Historical Text Archive -
    More PRI history

Argentina and Juan Peron
The Effects of Peronism on Argentina -


Wikipedia -
    Good general overview of Peronism

Peronism -
    More detailed information on Peronism

Eva Peron
Eva Peron
    Excellent source for biography, pictures, fact/fiction, etc.

Las Mujeres -
    Eva: woman and myth; an interesting article about remembering Madonna or Eva

Eva Peron Foundation -
    Detailed history and mission of la Fundacion Eva Peron.

Augusto Pinochet
    General biograph of Pinochet

Crimes of Augusto Pinochet -
    Many links to information on the various crimes Pinochet is accused of; includes papers from Amnesty International

The Pinochet Page -
    Excellent source for info on human rights issues, case against Pinochet, analysis, British connection, etc.

Plane Crash in the Andes
Alive: The Andes Survivors -
    Extremely comprehensive site for information on the story of the plane crash and aftermath, including present info.

Alive: The Andes Plane Crash Story -
    Good, easy to read general story.

Wikipedia -
    Good definition and overview of cannibalism

CIA World Factbook -
Very reputable and accurate source for general country information

Cuba-net -
    Up to date news from Cuba, available in English or Spanish

The Website of the Government of the Republic of Cuba -
    Official site of Cuba's government; information on domestic and foreign affairs as well as economic and social development

Castro's Effects on Life in Cuba -
    Short essay written about the effect of Castro's policies on Cuban life over the last 50 years

Bay of Pigs
History of Cuba -

    Excellent history of the Bay of Pigs invasion

Global Security -
    Gives a little more information on the logistics of the operation

Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution -
    General overview of Castro's life and the Cuban Revolution

General Rafael Trujillo
The Dominican Dictator: Rafael Trujillo
     Brief description of the rise to power and reign of Trujillo.

The River Massacre -
     Describes one of many massacres that occurred at the Haitian border at the order of Trujillo

Human Rights Watch -
     Reputable sight with a detailed account of life under Trujillo

Offical Page of the FARC
     Good links to history and mission of the group; be careful with this page- it is biased because the group maintains the site

Terrorist Group Profiles -
     Profile of the FARC from an official US Navy website

    Site is good for a chronology of attacks and documents related to the FARC.

Coffee Plantations in Colombia
Impacts of Coffee
     Discusses environmental and social impacts of coffee

Juan Valdez -
     Excellent resource for the history of Colombian coffee

Coffee Research -
     Click on "coffee tour" to get a narrative on how coffee is grown and produced

Bullfighting in Spain
     Excellent site about everything you want to know about bullfighting in Spain, especially Andalucia.

Ideal Spain -
     Good overview of bullfighting; includes list of Spanish words related to bullfighting.

Running of the Bulls in Pamplona -
     Excellent site discussing the actual run, how to run, how to watch it, history,etc.

Farming in Spain
The Tellus Mission
     Nice overview of agriculture in Spain.

Organic Europe -
     Article written about organic farming in Spain; discusses modernizing farming in Spain (published by the EU)

Common Agricultural Policy of the EU -
     EU's description of the common agricultural policy that Spain must now follow.


Costa Rican Government
CIA World Factbook
     Excellent source for an accurate, general overview of the Republic of Costa Rica.

US Department of State -
     Another good source for a country overview as well as US/Costa Rica relations.

Inside Costa Rica -
     Daily news in English from Costa Rica.

Ecology in Costa Rica
National Parks of Costa Rica -
     Listing of all national parks in Costa Rica, including descriptions of them.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve -
     Maps, description, and information about the Cloud Forest and nearby Santa Elena Reserve.
     Excellent place to see tropical birds, especially the famous quetzal.

Caribbean Conservation Corporation -
     History and information about Tortuguero National Park - site for viewing nesting sea turtles.

Tierra del Fuego
Official Site of Tierra del Fuego
     Excellent source for info; click on English to get the page in English.  Check out the webcam page.

TravelSur -
     Nice pictures, good travel and tourism info.

Tierra del Fuego -
     Lots of pictures, short narratives to accompany them.

Mexican Immigrants
Mexican Immigration
     Excellent source for history of Mexican immigration, perceptions, misconceptions, becoming part of the US, etc.

Mexican Immigrants in the US Labor Force -
     Provides general info and statistics of Mexicans in the US workforce.

US Immigration Policy -
     Overview of immigration policy and immigration law.

Puerto Rico - Independent Country?
Puerto Rico: we can stand on our own feet
     Discusses economic aspects of becoming an independent nation.

What should be done with Puerto Rico? -
     Interesting article that discusses the issues facing Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rican Independence Party -
     The Independence Party presents their point of view.

Puerto Rico - 51st State?
Puerto Rico, USA: the Case for Statehood
Article from Foreign Affairs argues the case for statehood.

What is the difference between commonwealth and state? -
   A question answered through Yahoo!

Puerto Rico, USA -
    An opinion article from the New York Times.

Guatemalan Human Rights Abuses
Human Rights Watch
     Detailed overview of human rights issues in Guatemala.

The Massacres of Rabinal -
     Account of human rights abuses in Rabinal.

Global Security -
     Excellent history and account of the Guatemalan Civil War.

Volcanoes in El Salvador
How Volcanoes Work
     Lots of links addressing all aspects of how volcanoes work.

USGS El Salvador Volcanoes -
    Descriptions of all the volcanoes in El Salvador.

Advantages of Volcanoes -
    Why volcanoes are good things.


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