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Art & Music

Fine Arts & Literature
History of Spanish literature and art; links to Spanish writers.
South American Art

A directory of Latin American art, artists, and culture websites.
Food and Nutrition
Recipes and traditional foods by country.
Directory of literature resources by country.
Ars Virtual

Virtual visits to temples, monuments, and museums (espanol).
El Prado Museum
History of and information about the Prado Museum (espanol).
Ministry of Culture
Links to national theaters, museums, and libraries of Spain (espanol)
Directory of Hispanic poets (espanol).
Brief History of Latin American Dance
History of Latin dance with links to info on important keywords.
Links to information about Mexican music, dance, & art.
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Current Events

Latin American Newsletters
Up to the minute economic and political news about Latin America.
World Factbook
Great, reputable source of up to date statistics &general country info.
Current events specific to MercoSur countries and Falkland Islands
Latin American Post

Current events, global issues, migration issues, identity/culture issues
South America Daily

Daily news related to South America, top stories by country.
Prensa Escrita

Directory of links to online newspapers by country (espanol).
Latin America Database
Weekly news bulletins; searchable archive of over 24,000 articles.
Latin Economies

Economic news about Latin countries.
Go Spain

All sorts of great information about Spain.
Central America Daily

Daily news about Central America and the Caribbean.
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Spanish History

Concise history of Spain, in English.

Latin American History

Excellent, comprehensive list of links to history resources by country.

World History Compass

Directory of links to relevant historical resources by country.

Enchanted Learning

Information on Spanish explorers and their voyages by region.

 Mex Online

"Your online guide to Mexico!"

South American History

Documents related to specific aspects of history by country.


Resources on the indigenous peoples of Central & South America.

Cuban History

Concise history of Cuba, in English.

History of Latin Music and Dance
Brief history provides links to more detailed information on dances.

Culture of the Andes

Information about poetry, songs, etc., and basic Quechua lessons.

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Practice Exercises

Hispanic Heritage Directory

The best resources celebrating Hispanic history, culture, and life.
Spanish Fiestas - Bullfighting
A history of bullfighting with links to other Spanish fiestas.
Popular Latin Music
News, events, reviews, and information about artists.
Famous Hispanic-Americans
Information about the lives of politicians, entrepreneurs, writers, singers, painters, actresses, educators, and others.
MTV Latin America
Music Television's Latin America branch (espanol).
Internet Radio
Links to Latin American radio stations online (espanol).
Latin American Women
Information about women such as Isabel Allende, Eva Peron, & India
A Who's Who of Contemporary Latinos
Fact Monster
Links to all sorts of info about Hispanic Heritage Month.
El Dia de los Muertos (November 1-2)
A page of history & traditions associated with el Dia de los Muertos
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Practice Exercises

Learn Spanish
Exercises in grammar, vocab, pronunciation, verb drills, & more!
don Quijote
Excellent resource for all types of practice exercises & fun resources.
Java Spanish games on basic activities; beginner level.
Business Spanish
Beginner lessons; directory of vocab specialized to situations; daily lessons.
Vocabulary Training Exercises
Only vocab and verb exercises; interactive test.
Languages Online
Extensive directory of research topics; exercises & quizzes.
Conjugation Trainer
Verb conjugation exercises in 7 tenses.
Grammar Exercises
Interactive exercises in pronouns, prepositions, & verbs; intermediate level.
Aula Diez
Grammar exercises for advanced level students.
Spanish Grammar Exercises
Audio exercises and study modules; intermediate level.
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