¿Te gusta la moda?

Español II


Here is the recap of how you will be graded:

PowerPoint (30 points)
____ Create at least 5 informational slides (5 points). (You may include slides with pictures, but these do not count as informational.)
____ Include a picture of the designer and at least one of his/her designs (5 points).
____ Incorporate at least 4 graphics or clip arts (4 points).
____ Utilize at least 3 slide transitions (3 points).
____ Animate at least 6 objects (this includes text and graphics) (6 points).
____ Put your names on the last slide (2 points).
____ Put a song to your powerpoint (5 points)


Create Your Own Line in the Style of Your Designer (15 points)
____ Pick the type of clothing and write it on your sheet. (2 points)
____ Pick 2 materials and write them on your sheet. (2 points)
____ Pick 3 prominent colors and write them on your sheet. (3 points)
____ Pick 3 adjectives that describe your line and write them on your sheet. (3 points)
____ Design an outfit in the style of your designer on a separate sheet. (5 pts)

Advertisement (20 Points)
____Write a slogan for your ad in Spanish. (10 pts. -1 for each mistake)
____ Include your names and your designer's name artistically (5 points)
____ Use your 3 adjectives in the design somewhere. (3 points)
____ Design your ad in color. (2 points)


Total = 65 points

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