Weather Activity

   Weather is one of the world's most dynamic phenomena - that's why the internet is the best way to gather up to date, accurate information about the weather!  Follow the directions and links below to find the answers!

Paso 1 - La Fecha

Visit the following website:
Listen to the speakers saying the dates, days, and other phrases. Make sure you click on at least 10 different items and listen to the format they use.

Open a new document in Microsoft Word. Now, find out when the following holidays occur and type the dates in your document.  Spell out the numbers!

Mexican Independence Day
Christmas Day
Flag Day
Your  birthday
St. Patrick's Day
Valentine's Day

Paso 2 - Las Estaciones

Visit the following website:
Listen to the speaker saying the seasons and months that make up the seasons. Click all of the seasons and listen carefully to the speaker.

Now, find out in which seasons the following events occur and type them in your document in Spanish.

Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain
Election Day in the USA
New Year's Day
Cinco de Mayo
Labor Day
El Día de los Muertos

Paso 3 - El Tiempo

Visit the following website:
Practice your weather vocabulary by choosing 2 of the 3 games - matching, flashcards, or concentration. Once you have successfully completed 2 of the 3 games, continue!

Now, type at least one description in Spanish of what the weather is like in Orwigsburg during all four seasons:
Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer

Next, find out what the weather is like in the following places today and tomorrow. Then, type a sentence in Spanish describing it.  Try .

For example: Hoy en Orwigsburg, hace sol. Mañana hace viento.

New York City
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Paris, France
Johannesburg, South Africa
Los Angeles, California
Moscow, Russia
Tokyo, Japan
Nairobi, Kenya

Finally, print out your answers to these questions! Make sure your name and period number is on the document somewhere.